written on the nose (with permanent marker)

The challenge for Monday’s class in Creative Writing was really inspiring! I set about writing…after thinking about it for 5 days.

See what I did there? I fooled you into thinking one thing and then pulled the rug out from under you.

This is what I want to do with this assignment. And the trick is to not make it obvious from the very start. The trick is to lull the reader into thinking the story is going one way, perhaps a happy and beautiful way and then – BAM! – it’s not.

Sorry, I’m giving it away now, I realise as I type this post. I’m ruining the element of surprise for anyone who will eventually (possibly) read that text later on. Or at least I’m telling you that there will be a turn of events somewhere in the story and then you will be sitting there wondering when and where and how and –


But I do so loathe the obvious.


absence makes the heart love sick

I haven’t been on here much since starting the Creative Writing class. Partly it’s because I suddenly became all self-critical about my writing, not wanting to publish anything that wasn’t perfect. Which, of course, is never possible. And anyway, I was only going to post drafts and ideas.

But also party because I became all suspicious of people reading my blog and stealing my ideas. Because paranoia of the great genius – haha.


I’ll go sit over here in the corner and think about what I just said.