absence makes the heart love sick

I haven’t been on here much since starting the Creative Writing class. Partly it’s because I suddenly became all self-critical about my writing, not wanting to publish anything that wasn’t perfect. Which, of course, is never possible. And anyway, I was only going to post drafts and ideas.

But also party because I became all suspicious of people reading my blog and stealing my ideas. Because paranoia of the great genius – haha.


I’ll go sit over here in the corner and think about what I just said.


One thought on “absence makes the heart love sick

  1. Did you come out of your hiding spot yet?

    I like to read what you have written, but I also know the feeling that creeps up slowly from behind and surprises you with it’s hard grip. The am-I-good-enough-to-write-and-publish insecurity that is often countered by the I-am-so-good-that-people-will-just-come-here-and-steal-my-writing-pretending-it’s-theirs-and-ending-as-critcally-acclaimed-writers fear.

    Don’t give up on sharing your genius with us and keep a little faith in humanity and your readers. We (I) won’t steal your brilliant work. We (I) will only delve on the fact, that compared to you, we (I) are (am) mediocre, at best.

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