There is this thing that we do when entering a hotel room for the first time.

We make a mental list, a list of things that never happened in the room prior to our stay there:

1. No sex was had anywhere on any surface.
2. No food was digested inside the room.
3. No bodily fluids were spilled onto the bed sheets.
4. No hair strands of any kind were washed down the drain in the shower.
5. No-one dried their naked body on the towels.

And so we are the one unique entity ever to have stayed inside those four walls.

Until we leave and the next guest arrives, making a new list.


2 thoughts on “germs

  1. I had to comment on this, even if it is old. But this sounds like me, except, it’s what I think when I leave a hotel room. If I would think about it when I entered the room, I would most likely sit uncomfortably on a tiny edge of the bed and go crazy (and seek the nearest indoor swimming pool to wash myself and probably sleep on the floor, because at least that is vacuum cleaned once in a while. Oh come to think about it the floor is not safe either with all the people and the dog crap attached to their shoes…
    In short… I will never be able to sleep in a hotel room ever again. Until the next time…

    🙂 Have a nice one!

  2. Oops. Sorry. I can’t say I’m much of a germophobic, but I do find certain things icky. I suppose when staying in a hotel one always has to apply a bit of distance to yourself and the previous guests. Otherwise it would be near impossible to travel anywhere.

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